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Institute for Community Change Leaders
Everyday Democracy is pleased to announce the launch of our first Institute for Community Change Leaders! Join us to deepen their understanding of community engagement with an equity lens as a critical pathway for sustained equitable change.   
Families United for Education
With over 400 community members and 44 community based non-profit organizations participating, Families United for Education is a leader in the nation when it comes to engaging families toward improving school outcomes.
Why my “good intentions” aren’t enough to dismantle white superiority
"I have begun to reckon with my internalized racial superiority and with the role my ancestors played in perpetuating stereotypes and engaging in damaging, racially-motivated behaviors."
Your voice matters.
Everyday Democracy has launched its first product line to help you engage your community toward helping you use your voice.
Engage Your Community in Dialogue for Change
Our ultimate goal is to create positive community change that includes everyone, and we believe that our tools, advice, and resources will help foster that kind of change.

Everyday Democracy helps people and organizations build capacity to engage communities in creating change


Create Change in Your Community

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Learn how to create change in your community using dialogue and action

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Find downloadable handouts, activities, discussion guides, and more to use in your community change efforts

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See what’s possible when different kinds of people come together to create change

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Join over 13,000 changemakers in receiving monthly e-mails with the latest tips, tools, and stories to create change

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Be Part of a National Movement

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See what it looks like to create spaces for people’s voice and participation at the state, regional, and national level

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Be part of a network of organizations that uses inclusive community engagement to address important issues

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Learn best practices from over 25 years of engaging communities in working together to create change

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Get the latest commentary on inclusive community engagement and relevant current events