Racial Equity

Diálogo para grupos homogéneos

Una guía suplementaria diseñada para dar a personas de un mismo origen racial o étnico la oportunidad de hablar sobre temas de racismo antes y después de los diálogos regulares de un programa de diálogo para el cambio en la comunidad. Estas discusiones suplementarias se pueden llevar a cabo con diálogos basados en la guía Cómo enfrentar el racismo en una nación diversa.

Improving Race Relations for Manchester High School

This is a nine-session discussion guide for students to engage in 90-minute discussions on issues around racism. The first session allows students to build trust by learning about each other's personal backgrounds and experiences related to race and ethnicity, setting the stage for them to explore family roots, stereotypes, racial tension, skin color, white privilege, segregation and, ultimately, ways to make their school better.


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Dialogue to Change

Our ultimate goal is to create positive community change that includes everyone, and our tools, advice, and resources foster that kind of change. Whether you’re grappling with a divisive community issue, or simply want to include residents’ voices in city government, Everyday Democracy's Dialogue to Change process, using a racial equity lens, can help.