Racial Equity

Dialogue for Affinity Groups

A supplemental guide intended to give people with similar racial or ethnic backgrounds an opportunity to talk with each other about issues of racism in sessions preceding and following the regular diverse dialogue sessions of a community-wide study circle program. These optional discussions are designed to be used with Facing Racism in a Diverse Nation.

Reflections on including the word 'racism' in the title of your change effort

When you're naming your community change effort, you may have some difficult decisions to make, especially if you're addressing racism. Should you include the word "racism" in the name? Will it turn too many people away? A community in Wagner, S.D., that's been working on creating positive change for the last eight years chose to keep the word "racism" in their program name, and they shared their thoughts on the subject.

The greatest history lessons are those we have yet to learn

I can’t quite remember at what age I realized I wasn’t “white.” As an ethnically ambiguous person I was often afforded white skin privilege. But passing as white did not make me immune to the offensive and outright racist comments that inevitably came up. As I navigate a world that is most assuredly not “post-racial,” I have begun to realize with a greater sense of clarity that we are writing the history books of our progeny today with our action and our inaction.

What it takes to create sustainable change

Anyone doing community change work wants to make a lasting impact. It can be difficult to find a way to make dialogue and action integral to the way the community works. In Wagner, S.D., residents have been engaging the community in dialogues on race for the last seven years and they've made some significant changes. How have they been able to sustain their efforts for such a long period of time? We talked to Amy Doom, one of the community facilitators for their program, to find out.


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Dialogue to Change

Our ultimate goal is to create positive community change that includes everyone, and our tools, advice, and resources foster that kind of change. Whether you’re grappling with a divisive community issue, or simply want to include residents’ voices in city government, Everyday Democracy's Dialogue to Change process, using a racial equity lens, can help.