Everyday Democracy’s Statement on Anti-Asian Racism: Community Solidarity

April 1, 2021

We at Everyday Democracy sit with heavy hearts over the continuing anti-Asian violence that has been escalating across the nation during the last year. We mourn the deaths of the eight lives lost—six of whom were women of Asian descent - who were senselessly murdered on March 16, in Atlanta.

We strongly condemn anti-Asian violence in any and all forms and we acknowledge the ongoing pain, grief, anger and fear that is being felt within AAPI communities due to the ongoing manifestations of racist hate and violence across the country. 

Tragically, the steep rise in these incidents can be tied to incitement from powerful individuals such as the former president and others in media and government. Hateful speech and hateful attacks against AAPI people in the United States are unacceptable.

Since COVID 19, there have been nearly 3,800 reported anti-Asian crimes, with Asian women 2.3 times more likely to report a hate incident than men. This number does not include cases that go unreported out of fear or because of language barriers.  

These incidents are also the most recent expression of a long history of violence and exclusion targeting Asian people, such as the Chinese Exclusion Act, the Alien Land Law and other racist legislation. It is critical that we all face this violent history in order to overcome it. It is the responsibility of all of us to take action now, to push back against this vitriol and protect our AAPI friends and neighbors.

As we collectively grieve and respond to these heinous acts, our collective action must be guided by a compass of community inclusion and care. Working together in our local communities, all of us can build bridges of multiracial solidarity to stand against racism and for racial justice. Only in this way can we create and invest in long-term solutions that address the root causes of violence and hate in our communities.

Authentic democracy requires that all people feel safe and respected. We call on you to join us in standing against racism and working together to create communities of inclusion, justice, and respect. Please look at these resources and commit to making at least one action today:   

We are honored to work with you in the struggle to advance an equitable democracy for all.


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