Join a Twitter chat on mental health Sept 17

September 10, 2014

You're invited to attend a Twitter chat to discuss topics related to mental health and young people explored in the video, "When the Mask Comes Off." Join us for this discussion because it's important for all of us to be part of raising awareness about mental health. All are welcome - you do not need to have seen the film to participate!
Two young women talking about mental healthDate: Wednesday, Sept 17
Time: 2-3pm ET
Hashtag: #MHvideo
Hosts: Everyday Democracy (@EvDem) and Generation Justice (@genjustice)

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#MentalHealthMatters - let’s talk about it! Join a Twitter chat on Sept 17 at 2pm ET using #MHvideo

Never attended a Twitter chat before?

  • A Twitter chat is a discussion around a particular topic moderated completely online using a unique hashtag.
  • Use a Twitter chat website like to follow the discussion for the hashtag #MHvideo.
  • Use the hashtag #MHvideo in all your tweets.
  • Indicate which question you are answering in your tweet. For example, if you're responding to Q1 (question number 1), then start your answer with A1 (answer to question number 1).
  • You don't always have to answer a specific question - you can offer up your own question or add any thoughts related to the topic.

Learn more about the film and view the discussion guides:


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