Never Again: Japanese American WWII History and American Muslim Rights Today

February 17, 2017

February 19, 2017 marks the 75th anniversary of Executive Order 9066, which led to the incarceration of 120,000 Japanese Americans.

Everyday Democracy Senior Associate Barb Yasui shares this event in Seattle, which will be live-streamed Sunday.

The talk is entitled "Never Again: Japanese American WWII History and American Muslim Rights Today," and will take place  from 2-30:30 pm at the Seattle Center--Fisher Pavilion.

Densho executive director Tom Ikeda and Arsalan Bukhari, executive director of the Washington chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, will discuss the correlation between the Japanese American past and the treatment of law-abiding American Muslim children and families today. The presenters will also talk about what Seattleites can do to prevent harassment and discrimination of American Muslims in their community.

It will be live streamed here on  Densho's web site.

We will also share Barb's commentary on the topic, due to be published Sunday in the Huffington Post. 

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