Paul J. Aicher Foundation Board Welcomes New Board Member

December 11, 2021


HARTFORD, CT- Everyday Democracy is excited to welcome a new board member, Ms. Gillian Howell, to the Paul J. Aicher Foundation board. 

Ms. Howell brings a deep knowledge of and experience in philanthropic management, gained in a variety of different roles and settings across the past three decades. She is currently Chief Client and Philanthropic Advisory Officer at Foundation Source, where she and her team support a variety of individual, family and corporate foundations to manage their philanthropic endeavors. 

“I am delighted to welcome Gillian Howell. She brings her deep experience in philanthropy and equity to a remarkable group of trustees who are committed to building authentic, multiracial democracy and who bring a diverse set of skills to Everyday Democracy’s work," said Board Chair Miles Rapoport. 

In addition to her management roles, Ms. Howell has been actively involved in the nonprofit community in Everyday Democracy’s home state of Connecticut, contributing her time as an advisor, trustee, and volunteer at various organizations. 

“Gillian Howell brings a broad range of skills and expertise. We're thrilled to gain from her insights as we move into our next stage of growth, to better support people and institutions across the U.S. in building racially just, inclusive communities," said Executive Director Martha McCoy 

Everyday Democracy is the primary project of The Paul J. Aicher Foundation, a nonprofit that is dedicated to helping communities work equitably and inclusively in order to build a strong democracy and improve the quality of life for everyone.

Gillian Howell is the Chief Client and Philanthropic Advisory Officer at Foundation Source. Prior to this Ms. Howell was Managing Director, Philanthropic Market Executive at Bank of America Private Bank. Drawing on her 31 years of philanthropic management experience, Ms. Howell’s experience is deep and broad and includes expertise in philanthropic investments, fiduciary and risk management and in philanthropic advisory including strategic planning, donor development, mission advancement, next generation engagement and board governance. 

Ms. Howell leads a team of seasoned client management and philanthropic advisory specialists who are responsible for helping individual, family and corporate foundations manage their philanthropic endeavors with greater efficiency, effectiveness and personal fulfillment. 

Ms. Howell has been a resident of Hartford, Connecticut for 31 years and is active in the local nonprofit community. She is President of the Trustees of the Colt Bequest, is a National Advisor for Vision 2020 founded by the Institute for Women’s Health and Leadership at Drexel University and an active volunteer at the Food Crisis Center in Hartford. 

A native of Ireland, Ms. Howell is a graduate of both the University College Cork and the New England School of Banking.

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