Building Community in a "Connected" Age (Facilitator Guide)

Snelling Center for Government (Susan McCormack & Karyn Vogel)
August 11, 2008

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Building Community in a Connected Age Facilitators GuideThis guide is designed to help citizens deliberate about ways to use e-state technology to help enhance community and civic life. The guide was designed to be used during a one day symposium and includes an exploration of community, scenarios to help explore e-state opportunities and challenges, an exercise to identify e-state values, and opportunities to identify action steps.

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Central New York’s Interfaith Works’ El Hindi Center for Dialogue continually confronts “hot topics” in the community head on, with thoughtful, facilitated listening and sharing sessions that gather...

Dialogue to Change

Our ultimate goal is to create positive community change that includes everyone, and we believe that our tools, advice, and resources will help foster that kind of change. Whether you’re grappling with a divisive community issue, or simply want to include residents’ voices in city government, Everyday Democracy's Dialogue to Change process, using a racial equity lens, can help.