Community's projects address many dimensions of poverty

Tyndall Horizons, began in August of 2006 with a Spotlight Workshop where community members professed interest in the program. The next phase was the Study Circles at which participants expressed interest in working on several projects to improve the community of Tyndall, South Dakota and address the reason for Horizons-the high rate of poverty in our area.

Poverty has lots of different faces. The projects chosen are considered to address some of those aspects of poverty and also improve our town. "Grow, change or die" is the motto many of the small towns have adopted in the struggle to maintain the small town atmosphere of family and community.

Website - this project is designed to bring the "outside world" in and show the varied businesses and services, history and small town benefits of Tyndall. The website, funded on a ten year plan with Network Solutions by the Tyndall Development Corporation, and computer hook-ups funded by the city, will feature brief business pages with general information and photos for any business wishing to participate. Other information about Tyndall will be included in the website. At this time, this service will be free. A name for the website has been selected and will be revealed soon. The committee will be coming around soon to gather permission from businesses to run their information on the website.

Youth Center (Cavalier Corner) - This project arose out of a need seen to have some place for youth to gather and occupy themselves safely and productively. The center will be located at the old Tyndall Motors with the Tyndall Development Center negotiating the purchase of the building. Help from District III and a donation from Security State Bank will aid this project. Another business will rent some space at the center and a couple of rooms have been designated for the Resale Shop. An account has been set up at the Security State Bank for any individual or business who would like to donate toward this project. Aluminum cans are also being collected at a fenced-in rack at the Tyndall Motors. The contact person for the Youth Center (Cavalier Corner) is Janet Wagner 589-3097. If you would like to start volunteering for this committee, call Janet. Youth are especially invited to volunteer as it is for them!

Community Resale Shop - This project is seen as meeting the needs of Tyndall citizens and attracting customers from other areas. It will also be an opportunity for the youth center participants and other community members to volunteer to help in the shop. The long range goal is to provide paying positions at the shop. At this time, the committee is organizing for a non-profit status (bylaws, policy for donating, etc.) After expenses are paid, proceeds of the resale shop will be donated back into the youth center and also to other non-profit organizations in town. Be looking at quality donations that you can make to the shop.

Development Coordinator - This project is in the planning and research stages. There is a need for an entity in the area to research new business placements in Tyndall, promote the town, coordinate with surrounding towns and network with the service organizations and volunteers in the area.

Roundup Program - This project would be something the residents of Tyndall could participate in voluntarily. "Rounding up" your city utility bill to the next dollar with the extra money deposited in a Round - Up Fund. This fund would be used to help those in need. A board of directors would assess and allocate the monies to those in need. This project has been presented to the city council.

Information Committee - This committee has gathered information from businesses to be used on the website and also to update and extend the already existing Tyndall Service Directory, provided free by the Tyndall Chamber. (The Service Directory was organized by Dr. Jessica Wolf, formerly from Tyndall Chiropractic). This pamphlet is used in the welcome baskets and distributed to other towns in an effort to advertise Tyndall business and services.

Public Policy Committee - This committee hopes to address public policy relating to unfair taxation on low-incomes, researching and providing information on tax breaks for low income members of the community. The committee will be working with South Dakota state senators and representatives on this issue.

July 3, 2007

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